Viprel Mute
Type Sentient demon
Origin Eskr
Notable Members none
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Creator Cayley, Sam, Luke



Viprel mutes vary in size and shape, but always have distinct features. They are quadrupedal usually with a heavy muscled body and long claws. They have smooth, sleek skin that is always black and white. Viprel mutes have no eyes and instead use vibrations and their powerful sense of smell to detect their targets.

Their head is canine like with a muzzle that is medium to long lengthed with a set of serrated and razor sharp teeth that grow back if broken. Viprel mutes have a second 'jaw'; inside their mouth is a fleshy apparatus that grasps hold of the victum and steals their elemental energy. 

On the shoulders of a viprel mute are any one of the element symbols. This corresponds to the element in which they desire to absorb.

Although they are extremely powerful they do have a weakness. On their bellies is a long, incision like opening that glows showing the lack of biological parts. If stabbed or this region is touched, they will explode and their spirits will vanish.


Viprel mutes are hostile to all species, but especially violent to sapient races. They pursue their target with such violent aggression and will tear through anything that gets in their way of their prey. Once they have locked their jaws around the victim they will use a fleshy apparatus and suck out their desired elemental energy. This kills the victim. They gain more power through sucking out people's energy. Viprel mutes will abandon dead bodies, as they are lenient of ghosts and beings not possessing a soul or elemental energy.

Viprel mutes will only seek to destroy a person with the element they bear on their shoulder, so it is advised to be in groups where people have different elements.


Viprel Mutes do not reproduce, and instead are created from the unholy merging of two conflictive element beams in the temples of Eskr. When these two beams intersect, two viprel mutes are created from the elements. 


Found (and created) in Eskr but become sparser further south.

In MortalityEdit


In many stories and writings in temples, viprel mutes are depicated as savage beasts brought on Solum as punishment. When The Creator gave each being an element, they abused the privledge and instead used it to kill and harm each other. As punishment for their sins, viprel mutes were created, a being that would seek to take away the very thing that was gifted to them.


Viprel mutes are most notably used by Ti'Vanna when she uses them to kill helpless victims to later harvest the viprel mutes energy. They also attack the protagonists quite often when in areas away from civilization. 


Hostile to all species and sapient races.

Notable viprel mutesEdit