The Nine Deities is the name for the The Creator along with the divine elemental guardians Iskyri, Miyosio, Makadia, Tairoth, Veszen, Kijisa, Arvana, and Shmono.


When the savna 's were punished for their sins with the viprelmutts , however, the elemental guardians were not. They were the only ones who did not betray The Creator and were therefore gifted with eternal life and powers beyond mortal grasp. Each of them was in charge of one of the 8 elements and corresponding temples were erected in honor of them. The temples serve as a place of worship and a trial for those wishing to learn the ways of the element. 

However, as time passed, the Elemental Guardians began to feel remorse for the mortals and their plight. After much negoiation with The Creator, it was allowed that upon reaching Master or Grand Master levels, they can enter berserk mode and harness the divine level of power for a short amount of time. Anyone mortal that attempted to reach divine level without the use of berserk mode would be punished and their body would be violently destroyed.



The guardian of fire.


The guardian of ice .


The guardian of electricity .


The guardian of earth .


The guardian of poison .


The guardian of chaos .


The guardian of wind .


The guardian of shadow .